Udderly Absurd season 1 rounds 1-5

Round 1: The Fountain of Youth or the Asian Ambassador Banquet

JaneyGirly07 and Temporary Butterfly,
KHCrazy10, Russ and Jinxerz,
Will Knavison, Jenecys, Skywish and the results.

Round 2: Moron Mountain or The Supreme Ruler of the Universe

JaneyGirl07, KHCrazy10 and Temporary Butterfly,
Jinxerz and Will Knavison,
Jenecys, Russ and the results.

Round 3: Celebrity Cookoff or The Trial (with guest judge Skywish)

Jinxerz, KHCrazy10, Jenecys, Russ and the results (Will Knavison, JaneyGirl07 and Temporary Butterfly skipped the round).

Round 4: Superhero vs Supervillain (with guest judge KHCrazy10)

Russ/Will Knavison, Jenecys/Temporary Butterfly and the results (Jinxerz/JaneyGirly07 skipped the round).

Round 5: Take a Chill Pill or The Art Gallery (with guest judges Amby Leigh and Will Knavison)

Jinxerz, Russ, JanieGirly07 and Temporary Butterfly and the results (Jenecys skipped the round)